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ThreeDeePrince, LLC

HO Scale Model Train Accessory Subscription Box

HO Scale Model Train Accessory Subscription Box

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Hop aboard this miniature train of awesome! Our subscription box offers monthly railroading essentials – from detailed accessories for model trains to brand new products just released. Feel the excitement of something new each month! Upgrade your railroads in style – all aboard!

Each month, you will receive unique, detailed, ready to paint accessories for your model railway! Based on the theme you select, all items shipped will fit your theme/time era. 

This box is for HO scale Model train accessories!

Always be sure to check our our monthly blog as well that reveals the items in your monthly subscription box!

Subscription Box Options: 

Each box includes:
Ten (10) carefully selected accessory pieces that are theme specific. 

Theme Descriptions:

  1. The Golden Age of Steam (Late 19th Century to Mid-20th Century): This time period captures the charm and nostalgia of the steam era, when steam locomotives were the primary means of transportation. Model railroaders who choose this time period often focus on recreating the iconic steam locomotives, vintage rolling stock, and structures that reflect the architecture of the time. They might include stations, water towers, turntables, and other steam-era infrastructure.

  2. Transition Era (1940s to 1950s): The transition era is a popular choice among model railroaders as it showcases the shift from steam to diesel locomotives. This time period reflects the technological advancements in the railroad industry, where steam locomotives gradually gave way to diesel-electric locomotives. Modelers may depict the coexistence of steam and early diesel locomotives, along with the corresponding rolling stock and structures that represent the transition from one era to another.

  3. Modern Era (Late 20th Century to Present): The modern era captures the contemporary railroad industry and includes the advancements in diesel and electric locomotives, as well as changes in rolling stock and operations. Model railroaders who choose this time period often depict modern-day railroads with a focus on realistic modeling of current operations, such as intermodal transportation, high-speed rail, and modern freight and passenger trains. Structures and scenery reflect the architectural style of the present day.


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