Shop Policies & Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept returns, exchanges or alterations after delivery?

Due to the custom nature of the item we do not accept returns, exchanges or requests for alterations after delivery. We ask that you communicate any specific requests through our message conversation during the order process. We only know about a preference or request if you specify it in your message. We will always do our best to accommodate your requests!

Do you offer refunds under any circumstances?

There are no refunds since every item is custom. If an item breaks in shipment we have insured its value up to $100 and you can submit the claim to USPS online to have that insurance amount sent to you as a check in the mail. If you would like more than $100 of insurance please let us know at the time of purchase. Note that when submitting an insurance claim **You MUST have photos of the item and the box/packaging and you must retain the box/packaging to take to the post office if proof of damage is required. Shipping insurance MAY also require that the customer take the damaged item to a waste yard for disposal and obtain proof of disposal. **Note that any damage must be reported to our shop within 48 hours of the package arriving.

What if my package is delayed/lost in transit or stolen?

ThreeDeePrince, LLC is not liable for packages that are delayed in transit, lost by the shipping carrier, or stolen-- all circumstances which are beyond our control. Once we hand your item over to the shipping carrier it is their responsibility to deliver the item-- please contact the shipping carrier directly regarding delays or lost packages. If you suspect mail theft you can obtain the GPS coordinates of the last scan point from the shipping carrier and file a mail theft report with your local police department.

If a sale starts after I place my order will you refund the difference?

The price paid is the price of the item at the time of your order. For example, if the item is in a 10% off sale a week after you order we do not go back and refund all previous customers that 10% off amount.

What if my item is returned to the sender/seller after it's shipped?

If a customer's order is returned to the sender/seller for ANY reason the customer is responsible for paying for re-shipment.

What are the care instructions for this item? How do I remove the brown protective paper?

For all laser cut acrylics, only wash them with soapy water. Do not use alcohol or solvent based cleaners. This WILL damage your items.

The protective brown paper or film on laser cut acrylics can be removed by peeling from the corner of the product. Do not get the paper wet.